Meet Our Artists

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Anna Safe
Theo Sahos
Bulban Salim
Lori Sanford-Ross
Carmine Santaniello
Selva Sanjines
Thomas Sarc
Min-Myn Schaffner
Elinore Schnurr
Jim Schutte
James Seffens
Crescent Seo
Meryl Shapiro
Michael Sheng
Deborah Sherman
Felix Sherman
Orly Shiv
Yvonne Shortt
Stewart Siskind
Tana Sirois
Derek Smith
Maria Spector
Brian Soliwoda
Helaine Soller
Gildo Spado
Vicky Steckel
Howard Stevens
Clare Stokolosa
Virginia Surdan
Susan Sussman
Akemi Takeda
Vincent Tancredi
Therese Tan
Sharon Taylor
Diana Teeter
Peter Tews
Cristian Torres
Preston Trombly
Nobuko Tsuruta
Jeramy Turner
Yelena Tylkina
Max Tzinman

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LIC Artists, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts advocacy organization founded by artists and incorporated in 1986 in Long Island City.
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