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From start to finish, LIC-A opened its doors to us with such generous trust, hospitality, and respect... it was truly mind boggling. The space itself is filled not only with lovely art, but infused with an incredible creative energy. It was a nurturing and inspiring home base, as well as providing us a performance location that had people referring to the piece as "an experience", "an adventure" and giving them "a sense of discovery". 

I am beyond grateful for the freedom we felt, and the support we received from both of you, and eric, of course! we absolutely would not have been able to do this show without you. and it is a testament to the opportunities you provide artists that it was a smooth, painless, and creatively fulfilling process to produce our piece at your space!

– Leigh Anne Poulos, playwright & performer, Splendid Devils


Stripped Scripts (Sx) is honored and grateful to be one of the original theater companies to partner with and benefit from the amazing space and LIC-A team. Thanks to LIC-A, Sx has been able to realize and grow our monthly play reading series. We’ve been able keep it as non-ticketed event that creates and environment of connection and creativity. We were also able to bring to life our vision of Aaron Posner’s Stupid F**king Bird because of the opportunity to use the gallery for rehearsals and venue space. LIC-A also curated an incredible art show as the set of our production. Having watched LIC-A develop, almost from its inception at The Plaxall Gallery, there is no doubt of the incredible, immediate and necessary link they have created with the local community of artists and actors. This place is one of kind and fills such an immense need for an incubation and exposition space that is attainable for all artists budgets.


– Allison Threadgold, Artistic Director, Stripped Scripts

Long Island City Artists (LIC-A) at The Plaxall Gallery is a true New York City treasure, offering visual and performing artists the opportunity to create, workshop, and present a vibrant array of new works. As meaningful art becomes more important (and more rare), LIC-A’s generous contribution of time and space to artists of all kinds fosters important, eclectic, innovative work that might not get done without its help. My performance project, The Spectacle, has benefited greatly from access to both the fabulous Plaxall Gallery and LIC-A’s vast community of artists and creatives. Sincere gratitude to Tana, Edjo, and the whole LIC-A team at Plaxall for making the latest development of my project possible, as well as for all the great art, events, and programs featured in the space. Here’s to hoping that LIC-A continues to receive the resources it needs to provide its invaluable services to artists and the community at large.

– Eric Goodman, The Spectacle

Without LIC-A at the Plaxall Gallery, our startup theatre ensemble (the Rude Grooms) would exist only on the page. For young theatre groups in 2018, New York has become a staggeringly expensive and difficult place to produce theatre -- if it weren't for LIC-A, we would have had to wait many months longer to produce our first training workshops for artists and at least another year before producing our first production. And because of their support and generosity, we were able to offer certain training courses on a Pay What You Can basis and to ensure that our first production could be free and open to the public while still offering the artists involved a stipend higher than many established theatre groups in Queens. It's not an exaggeration to say that we owe our existence to LIC-A, and we couldn't have asked for more supportive and inspirational partner.

– Montgomery Sutton, Rude Grooms


LIC-A at The Plaxall Gallery was instrumental in giving my theater company freedom to pursue our mission. In New York, the cost of renting space for performances is astronomical, and often prevented us from hiring the talent we needed, or to rehearse the required amount of time. As a resident company with LIC-A at The Plaxall Gallery, last spring we were able to workshop brand new plays from conception to production, spend the right amount of time in rehearsal, and best of all, collaborate with LIC-A to create a multi-disciplinary Science Fiction art experience. LIC-A curated a visual art exhibition to match our feminist sci-fi theme, and the result was completely in line with our company goals - to bring all forms of art to a wider audience. LIC-A at The Plaxall Gallery is not only a home for us, but a partner.

– Ariel Francoeur, The Navigators

When a piece of art is created, the artist/s that made the work want to share it with people. When Rifle City Productions asked to use the Plaxall Gallery for their private film premiere, it was only possible because they donated the space. Independent films, by nature, are career building and not profit gaining. They made it possible to share the film with the most important people and helped nourish the independent film community.

– Jay Thomas, Rifle City Productions

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