Michael Sheng


This series of paintings is intended to bring awareness to the issue of environmental protection, particularly the damage of the ecosystem caused by plastic and E-waste.


Our beaches and oceans are filled with toxic pollutants including plastic debris which washes ashore on beaches and jeopardizes the natural marine life – killing an increasing number of marine animals – and contaminates the human food chain with microplastics. The damage to our land, water and air is long-lasting and irreversible.


In this series, elements such as plastic bags, nylon ropes, electric wires and medical syringes are not only used as symbols of environmental damage, but also used as spray paint stencils in my paintings. It's a new approach to my work in both concept and technique, utilizing recycled materials in art for a good cause.

Email: shengart@hotmail.com

Website: www.saatchiart.com/michaelsheng
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shengart18

Facebook: www.facebook.com/michaelshengfineartstudio

40 x 30 inches, Spray paint on canvas
40 x 30 inches, Spray paint on canvas
40 x 30 inches, Spray paint on canvas
Triptych series, 60 x 16 inches each, Spray paint on canvas
40 x 32 inches, Spray paint on canvas
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