Meet Our Artists

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Kimberly Abbott
Heather Abshire
Kayo Albert
Lia Ali
Monique Allain
Reuben Allen
Cecilia André
Vera Angelico
Eduardo Anievas
Elsie Apacible
Alba Arellano
Irene Archos
Linda Arnold
Betsy Ashton
Virginia Asman
Bonnie Astor
Cindy Avroch-Rosenthal
Sarah C. Awad
Lea Baecksteiner
Jonathan Baez
Raymundo Baltazar
Janya Barlow
Diane Bassin
Mindy Bassin
Aileen Bassis
Bertille de Baudinière
J F Bautista
Violet Baxter
Bridget Benson
Lynn Berg
Kathleen Berman
Prince Bernot
Dino Blanche
Mark Blickley
Irja Boden
Tom Bogaert
Suzanne Bonser
Mildred Borras
Patricia Bouley
Patricia Brintle
Marcie Bronkar
Evan Brown
Rick Bryd
Maud Bryt
Robert Buckley
Robert Bunkin
Margarita Buttenmueller

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LIC Artists, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts advocacy organization founded by artists and incorporated in 1986 in Long Island City.
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