Elinore Schnurr

My paintings have always been involved with people in urban spaces, in particular, New York City, but in different ways. I wander the city searching out a scene or event that captures my imagination, with the intent to put it into my own visual language.Reflections, and motion when caught with a camera, create transparencies and multiple layers that become the building blocks from which many of my paintings are constructed. The layers are woven together, creating patterns that become ways of seeing the immediate world in front of us, the world behind us, and multiple views in between. The reflected reality is often visually indistinguishable from the physical reality, the two blending together in a flattened and collage-like way. Also, as we sip our wine and experience a certain self-satisfaction with our lives, troubles out there in the larger world haunt us. Intrusive thoughts, of terroristacts, bombed-out buildings, random violence, the after-effects of war, come into our mind and become part of our reality; they make up fragmented narratives, dreamlike in their surface dissonance. I have attempted to make visible the intertwining of our immediate pleasures with our inner thoughts.


Elinore Schnurr Studio

Long Island City, NY

Phone: 718-361-2220

Cell: 646-261-3572

Email: info@elinoreschnurr.com

URL: elinoreschnurr.com

Lost In The Crowd II
oil on board 18” x 22” 2015
oil on linen 30” x 40” 2015
White Flowers
oil on linen 36” x 48” 2012-13
oil on board 40” x 40” 2011
Multiple Views II
oil on linen 36” x 46” 2014
Red Arrow
oil on board 18” x 24” 2009
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