Sharon Taylor


 I was born in St. Louis in a violent era. I always loved to draw, paint and teach, but life chased me penniless to California in my adolescence. I ended up back in the Midwest at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where I earned a BFA in painting. I also spent a year at the Contemporary Art Center (which suffered from its own national art infamy) working with a team of artists and curators. 
After traveling and teaching art across the country I finally made it to New York City, where I added a Masters to my art/teaching portfolio. 
Here I can truly appreciate the hard-won joy and sense of fulfillment which the combination of formal issues and the immediacy of paint gives me. I have been making art, and teaching how to make it, in public high schools for several years now.










ellow Medium: Acrylic on paper Size: 14 x 22"

Smudge Medium: Acrylic on paper Size 4 x 6"

Cairo Medium: Acrylic on paper Size: 11 x 14"

Worship Medium: Oil on paper Size: 22 x 30"

lazy Medium: Oil on paper Size 22 x 30"

Smudge 2 Medium: Acrylic on paper Size 11 x 14"