Clare Stokolosa


My selections of: location, scene, light, hour, color palette, brush, and even paper have resulted in a portfolio of paintings that reflect my life as an artist. I bring a discerning artist's eye that I developed in the urban landscape of my hometown, New York City. 
My focus is on light and value. I use watercolor in order to get a translucent quality in my work. I can float the medium on the surface and use the white of the paper, while also having the ability to get rich deep colors, giving me flexibility and freedom when I paint.
I realize that the selection process for
living is the same as for painting. My choice of environments has progressively contributed to the manner in which I choose to live and translate my experience into image
I create and invite you to enjoy.








Watercolor from NYC Faces series 64" x 43"
Praying on Train watercolor, NYC Faces series, 64" x43"
Guy on train, watercolor, NYC faces series 64" x43"
Women on train watercolor NYC faces series 64" x43"
irls on trainNYC faces series 64" x43"
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