Clare Stokolosa


Painting is the way I choose to communicate. I approach my work as documentation of my observations of people moving through life. My goal is to stimulate conversation and find commonalities. I use a welcoming palette of colors and a variety of styles and mediums. My landscapes, bridges and paths painted in plein air evoke openness. I also paint portraits, still life and interiors. Some of my paintings start as linear drawings of people or objects on site. The sketches are enlarged in proportion to the original drawing, then finished in watercolor in my studio in Long Island City, Queens. I also work in oil, acrylic and pastel exploring each medium. I incorporate video as an art form to express my thoughts, share inspirations and present them on
my YouTube, CS Art Clare Stokolosa.








Vista from The Piazza
Watercolor 32"x 43"
59 Street -Queens Boro Bridge
Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 24.5" x34.5"
Walk along the Path with the dog, with Toto Too
watercolor and Ink, 43" x 32"
Pranzo, Italian for Lunch
Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 39.5" x27.5"
Italian view of valley in Tucscany
watercolor and ink, 39.5 x 27.5
At The Lake in Summer
watercolor and ink, 27.5in x39.5in
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