Dino Blanche

Charting the inner terrain of my subconscious creates a portal to ancestral spirits. Gazing at a blank sheet of paper, I see phantom lines emerge. Very carefully I trace these elusive shadows. My drawings take hundreds of hours to complete. It is a long meditative process of listening and concretizing the ethereal. In time, contour lines delineate biomorphic figures. These characters are ancient yet, futuristic, familiar yet, unknown. Through free association they tell a story about: origins of time and space, how the spirit world relates to this world, and how to be in harmony with the universe.


Email: info@thelaughingriver.com
Website: yellowfinearts.com/artists/dino-blanche

"A Ripple in Time"
38"x24", color pencil on paper
"The Key Whole Hearted"
21.5"x14.5", brown ink on paper
"Eye to Eye - Double-Blind"
4"x5.5", pencil on paper
"Where Ever You Go" 22"x30"
Black ink wash on paper
"Lineal Support"
3.5" x 6.12", ink wash on paper
24"x15.5", black ink on brown bark paper
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