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Yvonne Shortt

African American Marbleization is a series of guerrilla sculptures by Yvonne Shortt. It is her response to oppression and racisms of African Americans in art, history, and her country. The pieces are cast in marble dust and installed outdoors guerrilla style as installations or small sculptures. The fragment pieces typically are installed on underpasses or other cement structures while the busts are often coupled with natural materials like water, wood, and the earth. 

Guerrilla art has no gatekeeper and in its purest form no exchange of money. Commissions can often make this type of work prohibited because so few organizations or people want the non famous (artist, person, or work) African American Marbleization is self-initiated and self-funded to maintain the artist's freedom and power, which allows Shortt to sculpt the everyday, not the famous. It is a labor of love. 

You can purchase Shortt's sculpture piece, or donate any amount to help fund this outdoor public art project for the community. Both purchase / donation is tax-detectable. See the available sculptures here.

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