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Someone Will Remember Us,

even from another time

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Someone Will Remember Us, even from another time


During the centennial anniversary of Women's Suffrage in the United States, Someone Will Remember Us, even from another time recognizes the ratification of the 19th amendment not just for its significance in advancing women's and human rights, perceived as a fait accompli. This exhibition honors the legacy of those who fought for women's suffrage and the less visible social and individual complexities of their time by considering the essential question involved in any momentous societal shift: "who are we?" which is simultaneously a broad cultural question and a self-directed one. It implies a potentially unresolvable identity conflict and ultimately invokes a responsibility to ourselves and each other. 


In particular, through experiences of inequality, women are intimately familiar with this problem, continually negotiating individual identity against the need for greater unity in the fight for liberty and society's betterment. In artists' hands, this struggle becomes glorious material from which much more than didacticism is possible. Imagination and play are essential aspects and agents in the world's reimagining, reflecting it in a resonant way that allows us to see beyond the immediate and literal. The act of creation is a method of understanding and coping, a process of exposure and mending.


Offering a diversity of individual expression in drawing from commonplace objects, everyday situations and culture, the artists communicate and reveal something fundamental about themselves and us. They explore the questions and tensions raised by different locations, identities, and experiences to find the shared meanings that underpin every society's common ground.. 


Collection, assemblage, and embroidery in the artworks form material and metaphoric relationships of mending, bonding, proximity to others, and our environment. Intellectual and emotional dichotomies challenge the viewer to look more deeply into the dualities that structure our lives. Rationalism and romanticism, aggression and defensiveness, vulnerability and strength, beauty and imperfections, yes and no, are far messier in our social exchanges and personal lives than on paper. There is a desire to be seen, to share and relate expectations of womanhood and ourselves. With what eyes do we look back upon distant eras with, into visages frozen in images framed by putative narratives, recalling memories collective or personal? How will we be seen in turn? 


Exhibiting Artists Include: Cecilia André, Alberto Burzstyn, Jeanne Ciravolo, Sandra Erbacher, Zhen Guo, Marie Christine Katz, Caroline Voagen Nelson, Leah Poller, Arlene Rush, Amanda Thackray, Dominick Williams, Eleanor Whitney, and Tianyi Zhang


Lisa di Donato is an MFA Candidate at ICP-Bard and she received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork has been exhibited in the US and Europe, and she has independently curated numerous exhibitions. In May 2019 she was artist in residence at Fusion Gallery AIR Inaudita, Turin, Italy.


Long Island City Artists, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) arts advocacy organization with a mission to increase the development and visibility of professional and emerging artists in Long Island City & the greater New York Area.


​​Culture Lab LIC is a new nonprofit (501(c)(3) pending) organization formed to support the efforts of local artists who have been running the Plaxall Gallery, and its significant community work and arts programming over the past three years. Since opening our doors in October 2016, thanks to the generous donation from Plaxall Inc. of a 12,000 square foot converted warehouse, the programs and community outreach have doubled every year.


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Opening reception: Thursday September 17th, 2020, 5-9pm

Up to 8 people at once may enter the gallery. Please register below

at Culture Lab LIC @ The Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 (View Map)

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Image credit: Caroline Voagen Nelson, Her Vote (detail), Multimedia installation, animation projection-mapped on garment, 2020

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