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When you have “false awakening” you are dreaming that you have woken up in physical reality even though you are still asleep. The dream of awakening is so vivid that the world you see appears to be too real to be questioned. I have been experiencing such dreams in my youth. These paradoxical experiences have caused my disbelief in only one version of “the real” which is the central theme of my art.My art explores the boundaries between the known and the unknown, the visible and the mysterious. I mix and fuse contrasting elements, visual languages, media, and techniques in order to portray the true – complex and multi-faceted nature of the Reality. In this sense, “in-betweenness”, ambiguousness and multi-dimensionality represent the main concepts of my work.







34-01 38th Avenue

Studio 409, 4th

LIC, NY 11101 Floor

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