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Paul Farinacci

Whether drawn from current events or more personal reflections, my work questions society’s standards for living by examining its educational, political and religious institutions. The house as a metaphor for society provides the visual framework for my recent imagery. Designed to shelter and protect, these dwellings also harbor society’s inner demons. By peeking inside tiny illuminated windows and doors, my interiors disclose dirty little secrets hidden within. As Reality TV and the Internet present to the masses, what used to be private moments, my narratives explore society’s voyeuristic obsession and the diminishing distinction between our public and private realms. In both my mixed media drawings and sculptures, paper provided the perfect medium to express the fragility of society’s collective souls. Built predominantly from newspapers, my sculptures contain the very stories and headlines addressed in my subject matter. Constructed from cardboard boxes and other recycled materials these earth-friendly forms are fused together using layers of carefully selected written passages. Like a child whose inquisitive nature constantly reaches for answers, my work also explores the whys? References to childhood are visible throughout my work from subject matter to choice of materials and medium. Video explorations using handmade children’s puppets are projected inside my sculptures and on their own. One ongoing video project involves the misadventures of two Italian sisters entitled “Puppets Gone Wild staring the Tubettini Sisters.”



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