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Marjorie Van Cura

The imagery for my mixed-media paintings is process-based, often the result of hand-tracing my own drawings repeatedly or using a blind contour drawing technique. Optical color relationships and overlapping layers of shape and calligraphic line create a visually intense, visceral experience. I enjoy exploring the interaction of different materials and the boundary between abstraction and representation.


My newest paintings are incited by the Terrible Beauty of natural disasters. News photography of a Superstorm aftermath provides a basis for blind contour drawings and remembered imagery of these devastated, post-destruction landscapes.


Earlier work includes invented hybrid creatures, or Chimeras, that contain human-animal-mechanical parts. My interest in hybrids is rooted in a life-long love of science and anthropology, including the structure, mapping and reconfiguration of genetic code. The hand-placement and hand-tracing process that I use relates conceptually to how cells grow, propogate, age and regenerate.










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