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Lets Help You Get Around The Arts Open Festival


During the festival the following trains will be running to and from LIC:

Shuttle Buses:

The FLEA Shuttle

From Vernon to Courthouse/23rd (and back)

There will also be the following special Festival Shuttles

The Flea shuttle from Vernon Blvd to 23rd St. Studio Buildings

Visit the arts and events plus LIC Springs on Saturday on Vernon Blvd then take a special shuttle from LIC BAR with stops for PaintCan, Mittman Studios, The Local, Brickhouse and then Reis, Wills, Salazar and LIC Art Center Studio.

Returns to Vernon.


The LIC-A Falchi Shuttle

From Courthouse/23rd to Falchi Building (and back)

Take the special shuttle outside the LIC Arts Center to the Falchi Building. The return trip adds a stop at Queens Plaza for Resobox and Two Gotham Center.

When the demand is great enough this shuttle will also travel to Studio 34.

Returns to Courthouse/23rd


The Studio 34 Shuttle

from Courthouse/23rd to Studio 34/Material for the Arts

23rd St to queens Plaza then Studio 34/MFTA to Aurora (and Back)

Locations of LIC-A Member Open Studios, Group Shows, Events & Solo Showsduring the 2014 LIC Arts Open

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