Kinuko Imai Hoffman

My work explores my personal interpretations of daily life through harmonious mixed media assemblages, inviting the viewer to absorb the complexity of my vision.I construct my paintings in a unified manner to ensure that a strong theme is recognized on the canvas—a method developed through my previous training as a traditional Chinese brush painter.I paint layers of bold colored undertones to create a landscape of depth and contrast with a limited palette.The additional raw materials in my works further transforms a final piece into a symbolic collage expressing the constant movement of people and currency in today's times.Combining these materials with explorations of various color and composition transports the viewer into a meditative state where balance, drama, and clarity unite.









Haze: Acrylic, cloth, paper, pumice and string on canvas 44"x34"
Destiny: Acrylic, cloth, paper, pumice and string on canvas 44"x36"
Kokoro: Acrylic, cloth, paper, pumice and wood on canvas 34"x22"x3"
30x24 acrylic
Mixed media
Mixed media
34x36 acrylic
Mixed media
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