James Graham

As artists we are fortunate to have rich, absorbing, beautiful mediums: oil, charcoal, watercolor, gouache… mediums that raise boundless questions and offer stunning solutions. It is the subject to “hang” the medium on that, I find, shifts randomly in the wind. Sometimes the subject is ocean, sky, flowers, or food. I rely on the materials, the medium, and my experience in using them and blend these with the subject, so both medium and subject share the fore. It is such with the changing sky, a blank canvas, that weather revises with light.

E-mail: jamesgrahamart@gmail.com
Website: saatchiart.com/jdgraham
Instagram: instagram: jdgraham3
Facebook: james.graham.756

Late Day
16" x 20", oil on canvas
Late Fall PM
12" x 16", oil on canvas
12" x 16", oil on canvas
12" x 16", oil on canvas
12" x 16", oil on canvas
30" x 22", oil on paper
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12" x 16", oil on canvas