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Elsie E. Apacible

I was born in Manila and lived in Singapore for 20 years where I worked in the service and hospitality industry. I have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America and I loved taking photographs of people and places. It delights me to relive the recorded memories I gathered in my travels, and to see that joy manifested in my work: a world of images and beauty in every way that lives like a spirit in my soul.

While I am a self-taught artist, I was fortunate that I grew up in a family with a mélange of artistic skills and my fascination for different cultures and traditions infuses me with the inspiration to transfigure this wonderment onto a canvas.

In my jewelry collection, my old soul brought me back to the 13th century to apply the Italian Renaissance and Byzantine designs to my current world.

As a child who had failed in drawing classes, my journey through years of learning and practice led me to a tremendous evolution. It is a magnificent process – claiming the freedom to harness points, lines, and dimension in depicting what I see as Art. I had to lose myself in it and indulged without control. And now I know that in so doing, I moved beyond my own expectations, and realized that there is absolutely no limit to what one may learn and discover. Patience, indeed, is a virtue that most helped me reach that truth. It is PASSION that had taught me ART.

Now living in New York City as a full-time artist, I wish to share my work as a tribute to my Asian heritage.




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