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Crushing Baby Animals

A Live Theatrical Presentation

Produced by Dirt [contained] Theatre Company in association with LIC-A

Crushing Baby Animals is a semi-autobiographical original play that follows two millennial women as they accidentally open up a cosmic wormhole that sucks them through space, time and the human mind. This meta work takes us on an uncharted adventure through parallel dimensions and personal hells, facing the perils of the human psyche, and the absurd pitfalls of human identity. 


Crushing Baby Animals blends physical theatre, multimedia and a healthy dose of humor in a unique artistic experience. Coupling visual art and live theater, the play is performed amid a LIC Arts, Inc. fine art exhibition entitled “Welcome to the Universe,” themed specifically to coincide with the production.

Written and performed by Maria Swisher and Tana Sirois


Assistant Director: Landon Alexander

Associate Producer: Tori Titmas

Music by Marco Baratto

Performed LIVE at the Plaxall Gallery (Map)

July 5-21, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun at 8pm

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This project is made possible by the generous donation of space from Plaxall, Inc. and Long Island City Artists, Inc. Dirt [contained] Theatre Company is forever grateful.


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“Tana and Maria are two very talented performers with an exceptionally broad range, from naturalism to parody, from musical to physical theatre.” – Reviews from Underground

"Touched every emotion and sparked a lot of second- and third-thoughts. An immersive experience, wading through the highest highs and lowest lows of the human condition. Endless quarrelling and conflict leavened with humor, thoughtfulness and social consciousness." – David Arthur Bachrach

"Humorous and fun, with talent and energy, great choreography and script, visually and aesthetically captivating, sexy and sad, a well balanced rich salad of feelings!" – Adrian DiMetriou

"Tana and Maria lay their souls and heart out there for you to peek in. An awesome theatrical experience. Not to be missed!" – Orestes Gonzalez

"I've seen it twice and was thrilled by the play each time... always fresh, new and exciting! Awesome theatre by a tour de force team! – Zoran Crnkovic


"Reflects both creators’ real shared experience as women making theater in New York City, and the scary discovery of what that shared nightmare could possibly mean." – Tammy Scileppi, QNS.COM

Note: This production contains strobe light use.


Crushing Baby Animals is an immersive production, and the audience will be following the action around the space for a portion of the show. Please email us at if you require a seat for the duration of the production, or if you are unable to tolerate strobe lights and we will make arrangements for you.

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