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Carlos Restrepo

I'm Nalu LX, a father of 3 beautiful kids and a self -taught Colombian art enthusiast. 
 I found my passion when I started tattooing in 2010, and got inspired by the art of painting. 
While I enjoy using the human body as a canvas, I found a sense of freedom in expressing myself while painting; which I don't get a lot from tattooing because it's more about pleasing a customer.  In my paintings I mainly focus on the One Line technique, which are all inspired by my everyday life and the world around me. For me, art isn't just a hobby, but also a learning curve. It has shaped the man I am today by teaching me the importance of humility, persistence, and perseverance. When it comes to art, there are no bounds to what you can learn so you are constantly growing and that's why I enjoy.










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