Brian Soliwoda

Brian is the cofounder and principal artist of Salt Tree Art. Salt Tree Art finds inspiration in the regenerative agriculture movement, where holistic approaches to agriculture generate positive impacts to the ecosystems and communities linked to food production. Salt Tree Art explores similar paths for creative processes to integrate with natural and social systems, revitalizing the links between them. Rather than align with the “green” movement by promoting ecofriendly habits within conventional frameworks, Salt Tree Art is working to move beyond sustainability in design, and to create healing within the environment and communities our projects serve.









Homing. Willow rods. 8 ft. 2017
The Salt Tree Crankie Machine. Wood, Tyvek paper, Various Lights and sounds. 6ft x 9ft. 2017
Breath. Inoculated paper mache, oyster mushrooms. 24_, 2017
Cowboi. Grass, soil, canvas, brass. 2017
NuBee. Mixed Medium. 20_x30_, 2017
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Breath. Inoculated paper mache, oyster mushrooms. 24_, 2017