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Annelise LaFlamme

Annelise was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has been an artist her whole life. She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting, and was an artist in residence at the Burren College of Art in Ireland. 

She is inspired by science and neuroscience, and the number of ways the mind can choose to perceive the things around us based on our state of mind. She is interested in the ways science and perception act as metaphors for each other, and enjoys depicting reality from the point of view of one without the other. 

Her most recent series are ink based portraits of people as compositions of microorganisms, and who resemble stellar constellations.










History, ink on paper, 28" x 20", 2017

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Perspectives, oil on canvas, 49"x38"x1", 2015

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Bacteria Lady

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Spider Girl

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Smiles, ink on paper, 19"x17"x0", $500

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