Yana Ushakova

This series, “Autoanastomosis,” is inspired by anastomosis, defined as "a cross-connection between adjacent channels, tubes, fibers, or other parts of a network." It's a surgical technique used to piece together body parts and rechannel blood flow. I reshape my own understanding of the body without the male gaze. Inspired by my experience on chemotherapy, I focus on the beauty within today’s body of survival, vulnerability, destruction, and recovery. I turn my subjects inside out to expose their true nudity in various stages of life, health, interactions with others or self. They are mangled, tangled, dismantled, and reassembled but I strive to portray my subjects as self-possessing, perhaps discomforting to the viewer in their own self-assertion, dissection, and contortion.







Autoanastomosis Couple
Oil on Canvas, 36 by 42 inches, 2018.
Autoanastomosis Insomnia
Oil on Canvas, 36 by 42 inches, 2019.
Autoanastomosis Jenny
Oil on Canvas, 36 by 36 inches, 2018.
Autoanastomosis Desert Walk
Oil on Canvas, 60 by 40 inches, 2019.
Autoanastomosis Early Morning
Oil on Canvas, 36 by 72 inches, 2019.
Autoanastomosis Party 2
Oil on Canvas, 40 by 60 inches, 2019.
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