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Somm Seekers sommeliers Junko Yamada and Gary Hulton welcome you on a journey to discover the basics of wine and food pairing.

Whether eating at home or out in a restaurant, choosing wines to match the food can be a challenge, especially given the enormous variety of wines, food choices and personal tastes. In this class, you will learn a few pairing basics that can greatly help make the task easier, more rewarding and fun!

This wine event features five wines: one sparkling, two whites and two reds. Each wine will be paired with an hors d’oeurve. Delving into basic issues—of dry versus sweet, acid and tannin, minerality, texture, fats, oils and spices—we will discover why certain foods and wines go together and why others don’t.

There are no hard and set rules to pairings, just some guidelines, so come along and learn a few more steps in the wine and food dance!

Saturday, March 2, 2019, 6pm – 7:30pm

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About Somm Seekers:

Your guides on this adventure, Gary Hulton and Junko Yamada—Certified Sommeliers, Wine Educators and Old World Wine Enthusiasts—created Somm Seekers as a way to explore the fabulous and vast variety of wines to be savored for all occassions. Our goal is to be your guide along this great adventure and to share our discoveries with you!

Whether its around the world or around the table, our wine events are tailored to give you the fullest appreciation of the wine, food and cultures that we will explore. We seek out quality wines to enjoy in unique venues that are fun, informative and memorable. We are constantly on the look out for amazing wines that offer great value in terms of quality and cost. Its a good thing that wine and food go together so well—it is our passion!

Gary lived in France for many years and has spent a good deal of time learning about wine through numerous visits to vineyards throughout France and Italy, harvesting grapes in Champagne, co-founder of Somm Seekers and the Jackson Heights Wine Club and hosting private wine and food events. Gary has taught numerous wine classes, assisted Château owners and wine makers at tasting events in New York City, and as managing partner of a polo club in Argentina, hosted hospitality events in partnership with vineyard sponsors. Gary enjoys sharing his thirst for knowledge and great wine—especially off the radar discoveries.

Junko grew up in a restaurant family in Kyoto, Japan and has spent many years working in the restaurant business in New York City. Co-founder of Somm Seekers and the Jackson Heights Wine Club, Junko has hosted private food and wine events, has taken numerous wine seminars and has participated in professional wine trade events in New York. Inspired by recent travels through the wine regions of France and Italy, Junko is excited to share her knowledge and the pleasures of fine wine.

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