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Tamar Hirschl

I have looked to art as a filtering mechanism ever since my childhood, and my emigration to Israel from Croatia in 1948 with my mother and sister. I use painting and drawing as a means to build both imaginary and real bridges between my memories of the past and my hopes for the future. My artistic concerns and consciousness, therefore, are always informed by the forces that disrupt, destroy, and disunite people, cultures and religions.


Over the years, I have found that the relationships I observed proved relevant not only to human conflict, but to environmental concerns, prompting me to later create a body of work in response to the intrusive impact that man’s modern advance has had on the natural habitats of other species. Collage has always been a major element of my work, as it represents an archaeology of individual and intimate feelings.



My recent photographic body of work is an extension of my primary painting practice, which over the years, has been concerned with urban and ecological upheaval as a result of social unrest. Taken with a camera phone, the images act as a topographic survey of my daily travels. The images are of incidental, painterly marks or found naturally formed compositions I encounter. The photographs mark a place in time, which may cease to exist due to rapid urban development.





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