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Susan C. Dessel

Susan c. Dessel’s work challenges viewers to consider the impact of their actions/inaction in shaping our society. The first Artist Fellow, U. MI-Frankel Inst.(2013/14), bridging past to present Dessel created research-based drawings, BRICK IN A SOFT HAT (Portraiture of Martha Gruening) Series 2 Nos. 1-8, now in the Univ. of Edinburgh on-line DANGEROUS WOMEN PROJECT. Dessel’s installation PIECES OF PEACE will be among work by US-based artists inspired by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in FAR FROM THE FRONT LINES, Evanston IL, Sept. 2017. The artist is currently creating work honoring American women who lost their citizenship by marrying an immigrant due to the 1907 Expatriation Act through the 1922 Cable Act. Dessel has exhibited in the U.S., London, Prague, & Yerevan, Armenia.





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