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LiC-A Spring 2020 Online Exhibition

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LiC-A has been around a long time -- 35 years so far -- and has built a proud tradition of representing and supporting the careers and works of its artist-members.  One hundred eight of our artists are represented here, in LiC-A’s first online Members’ Exhibition.  Since our regular exhibition venues, especially the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City, are shut down temporarily due to the current health situation, we are using our long-standing website to provide  a public space in which both artists and visitors can share in the appreciation of the incredibly fine and diverse talents of Queens artists.

In turn, LIC-A artists dedicate this exhibition to some very special people whose inspiring work is also a valued gift to the community: the healthcare workers and service personnel who are always with us, often unseen and usually unsung, and whose devotion to extraordinary effort and courage has inspired us all. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do to take care of us, especially at this frightening and critical moment in time.  We know that whatever you do, it is given freely from not only your skills and talents, but also from your hearts.

LiC-A President, Carol Crawford

Carol Crawford

A Walk in the Woods. 2014

Mixed media construction: photography, painting,

drawing on layers of wood and Plexiglas

31" h x 61" w x 4.675" d


Part of TIME FRAMES series; iconic images used to create visual metaphors of the passage of time, daydreams in a real place and time; figures from Botticelli's Primavera inhabit a garden in Saratoga Springs, NY; students "enter", oblivious, on a transparent over layer

Jon Garfield

Swan Boat

10 x 13 x 13"

A few years ago, I created a clay sculpture of a ballerina riding in a "swan boat" on a patch of ocean - all from the same clay. After firing the piece, we opened the kiln to discover that my careful work over many months had blown up into dozens of pieces in the space of minutes. This sequence of five photos shows some of what went into rebuilding the piece over time, which was then exhibited last April at the Plaxall Gallery.

Artists will be a critical part of rebuilding the world and our vibrant city after this pandemic. Art can provide the pieces and the glue to bring us all back together.

To learn more about our member artists and their work, please visit our Artist Page.

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