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Sarah Nolan - SERMARR

I create "innerscapes" which depict psychological portraits of people in conflicted situations where both the viewer and the viewed are trying to understand  a situation which is often beyond the norms of right and happy endings.  Favorite situations depicted in my work involve family, justice, tribal, societal conflicts where rules are broken and the inhumanity of participants is revealed; I am attempting to create empathy in the viewer by jarring perceived values of right and wrong and by summoning the recognition that our own humanity includes the same violence, conflict and ability to deceive that many of these stories represent.  I find many of my inspirations from family or newspaper stories of things gone wildly wrong or intractable replications of damage which we would like to believe are very different from our own actions or inclinations.

I build "compounds" of three dimensions from paint, objects, stitched cord/wire, wood, metal, glass and fabric, anything that will tell the story of the situation that is depicted. Usually these can be wall mounted even though they're three dimensional.  Each element gives its characteristic aura to add to the compound creating a visual compound that is of the individual elements but represents a unified new element, much as the alchemy of chemical compounds.





Sermarr Artist


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