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Rosanne Ebner


One can almost taste the salt in the air, the seagulls are flying above, and you know the ocean is nearby, but you can’t see it. This is where I live and work. The salt in the air invigorates me, but is cruel to the industrial items around me, accelerating their erosion.

How I am perceived as I age has been a major theme in my work. Attracted to older architecture and their aging surfaces, I enjoy exploring the beauty found in the erosive layers. As it ages the color starts to fade, new surfaces are added to clean and renew, they fade again and more marks appear, each stage revealing a new story. I create ceramic tiles by building layers with texture, slip and glazes which help me engage in the process of forcibly aging the industrial.

As a woman no longer attracting attention, feeling invisible, I question how women of a certain age are viewed and valued. The contrast of the organic with the industrial reveals the challenges that women experience with age. Through my figurative sculpture I examine the different stages of womanhood, using industrial elements as metaphors for our aging bodies.



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