Rick Byrd, Phd

Rick Byrd, PhD is indeed an artist by definition and is happiest when he is "kree-eyt-ing" something that has inspired him. Rick’s art takes on an eclectic dimension, as has much of his life...from a classroom educator to corporate senior management. Each piece he creates is inspired by his personal photography or street graffiti; street art; vintage art or images that “speak to him” as he walks the city (any city)! He has been highly inspired by Japanese rabble-rouser Yayoi Kusam and the infamous graffiti artist Briton Banksy who fiercely guards his anonymity to avoid prosecution. Kree-eyt-ing is so important to Rick that he has it tattooed on his wrist, to remind him that creating something that others can stand back and enjoy is one of his many missions.






Northern Nightfall
This is NOT Normal
24 x 36" Mixed Media
Is Anything as it Appears
16 x 30" Mixed Media
Both SIdes of the Wall rick
As Real as it Gets Rick
Romanian Hummingbird
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