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A mini solo exhibition by Luzia Castaneda

On View: March 7- April 7, 6-10pm

Free Workshop: The Art of Well-Being - Self Compassion Through Self Portrait

March 14, 6-9pm

March 16, 10am-1pm

March 21, 6-9pm

March 23, 10am-1pm

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Workshop Description:

This 4-hours workshop will allow participants to create a contemporary self portrait using an easy (and fun) technique to alter a printed photo. The colors and shapes we choose and develop are an invitation to embrace our sense of self and image with love and compassion.

What can we see when we observe our image? What might be hidden behind our limited vision?

No previous artistic skills required! Attendees will take home a self portrait.

It is limited to 8 participants each time.

The class is designed for adults only.

Participants will need to provide at least two digital images of their faces.

(Send to:


Materials needed:

– Brushes (If you have your own that you prefer to use)

– Tempera paint (differents colors) (The gallery will also supply some paints however if you are used to working with your own paints, please bring them.)

– 2 printed photos your face. (letter size 110 lb . 199 g/m paper)

– The proposer needs to work on the images before print them.


About the instructor: Luz developed a self portrait workshop based on her inner journey as a scientist, an artist and a medium to put together all the qualities and the imperfection which come from her life. She has a scientific mind, an artistic soul and a free spirit to create self compassion as an artwork.


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