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Real Sex
Works by Brent Owens and Erin Lynn Welsh
Curated by Elizabeth Neckes
Place Title Here
Works by Adam Cable, Quinn Tivey & Julianne Nash
Curated by Dana Stirling
Presented in association with Local Project

Real Sex considers how we relate to our physical bodies and our psychosexual natures in contemporary society. The exhibition features work by two Brooklyn-based artists, Brent Owens and Erin Lynn Welsh. On display are plywood paintings and sculptures by Owens, and oil paintings from Welsh’s Carnal Botany series.

Curated by Elizabeth Neckes

Real Sex booklet

Place Title Here collects the works of three New York City based artists Adam Cable, Quinn Tivey & Julianne Nash. Each of the artists examines a current state in the medium of photography and challenges the boundaries of its ever evolving definition, re thinking what is a photo in a digital age and how it could be represented in the physical realm. Venturing from the accumulated mass of screen viewed photographs, that serve as their inspiration, they create a sculptural image-based installations that are both Three dimensional and surface thick, questioning what photography in today’s digital world is and does to us.

Curated by Dana Stirling

Place Title Here booklet


Opens: 06/23/2018

On view till: 06/30/2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 23,  6-10 PM

LIC-A Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46th Avenue
Long Island City , NY 11101

(entrance though parking lot)

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Gallery Hours

Saturday: 12 – 5pm
Sunday: 12 – 5pm
Thursday:  6 – 10pm

Phone: (917) 287-3093

Special closing performance event:


Curated by Jana Astanov.


With performing artists:

Jaguar Mary X

Claire Zakiewicz + Siw Laurent

Megwyn White

Josh Kil & Prieztezz Or Nah & Undakova.

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