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a ritual poetry performance

by Audrey Dimola

"PROVENANCE is the intersection between the journey to love; the journey to self, which is also to god; and the journey to make peace with the darkness.

part ritual, part poetry, part music, part movement- it is an exploration of the viscerality of want. how it drives us, transforms us. ‘the wanting creature.’ its connections to love, sex, spirit, and mental illness. and how, if we push far enough- this grief-filled longing becomes ecstatic, transcendent, holy- a means for return to true self, a return to god.

audrey wildfire dimola
steven t. licardi
kymberly nolden
matthew toth
& introducing riley batson

sound & stage manage by dominick dimola
set & props assist by april dimola

$5 tickets

in dedication to my beloved nana louiseann polidoro on the 7 year anniversary of her passing"

– Audrey Dimola


LIC-A presents

PROVENANCE: a ritual poetry performance by Audrey Dimola

Tuesday, December 18

7:30 –9:30pm at the Plaxall Gallery

(There will be a short talk-back after the performance.)

Facebook event page for PROVENANCE:

Audrey Dimola's website:




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