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My White Dress by Diana Bejarano

Inspired by the Brides' March against Domestic Violence.

Bride’s March is a movement that started in New York in 2001, in memory of Gladys Ricart who was murdered on September 26, 1999, by her former boyfriend on the day of her wedding. Moved by the insensitive response to this case and the horrors of domestic violence, they decided to organize and created an annual march, in which women wear wedding dresses in order to break the silence and generate public dialogue.

They made photographs of the donated dresses worn by many women at the Brides’ March. The dresses serve as a canvas that embodies the stories of women who have been lost because of domestic violence; they also pay tribute to all the activists and organizations of women and men creating awareness against domestic violence.

“For women who have experienced some form of domestic violence, their wedding dress no longer signifies what it did on the day it was first worn because the abuse destroyed those dreams of shared love, honor, respect and a happy home.”

– Brides’ March.

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My White Dress

Opening Reception: September 8, 7pm


LIC-A/ The Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46th Avenue
Long Island City , NY 11101

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