Mildred Borras

I am a self-taught artist. My art is about exploring different subjects depicting
the human condition, social and political issues. and sometimes just creating images.
My paintings are about life, social issues, childhood and people; to put it simply, they are about human concerns. I do not have any art training; nor have I ever felt inclined to take any classes. Now, some years later I am totally invested in this passion. When I start painting, sometimes it’s photograph that inspires me, and then ideas start flowing. Many times I struggle and sometimes it comes easily. Sometimes the painting takes over and I am not sure where I am headed. Every painting is a new challenge. Most of all, I get great pleasure from creating and having others enjoy my work.


oil on canvas 20x24 inches
acrylic on canvas
oil on canvas. 18x24 oil on canvas
oil on canvas 12x 9 inches year 2019
oil on canvas 30x24 inches
acrylic on canvas 16x20 inches
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