Michelle Goguen

I am a Mixed Media Abstract Expressionist, and I work with Light and Reflection. My paintings — and my life — are spiritual in nature. I have been attracted to anything with a shine, a light or a sparkle since I was very young. As a Spiritualist, I have spent my whole life reflecting upon the question, "Why are we here?" My spiritual journey goes hand in hand with my artistic journey; my canvases are ever reflections of light, energy, motion and divinity awakened. I use broken and shattered glass, beads, glitter, mica and other reflective surfaces to capture the light in the room with the hope of enlightening the viewer to the possibility of a Divine Experience, or the possibility of recognizing the Light within Self.

My collage work reflects the magic and whimsy of life.












as deep as
24x36 liquid acrylic glitter
nyc diamond night collage
nyc skyscraper
textured detail
24x36 acrylic, sand, mica glitter, beads, sequins
24x36 acrylic, beads, glitter, stone, broken and shattered glass
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