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Michael Padwee


I've used my cameras to document the anti-Vietnam War, the anti-nuclear movement, and the New York City labor movement since the 1960s. As a member of the “Minority Photographers” group in the 1970s, I participated in a number of exhibits throughout New York City and Westchester County, including New York's "Bus Show" in 1975, and a one-person show, “Mindscapes and Other Memorabilia”, at The Darkroom Gallery in Manhattan. Recently, I've exhibited in NJ, PA and Brooklyn venues; I'm a new member of LIC-A, the Cranberry (NJ) digital Camera Club, and a founder of the collective. I am currently co-authoring a monograph about stained and dalle de verre glass artist Robert Pinart, and I am the author of an architectural blog,


Website 1:
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Slideshow of my photos of Ecuador:

The new "Inspired Retired Visual Artists" website:

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