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Light is what inspires me, it excites me!.   It's what moves me forward to the next painting.  It's a journey, a great quest, taking me to various parts of the country to witness personally, its' transformative beauty.  Light defines form, it creates mood, it reflects color and transforms the natural world around us into something poetic - whether monumentally dramatic like the light and darkness of storms or brilliance of sunsets. 


These last few years, I've been working on a series of paintings based on time spent  on cape cod, Maine and the Florida Keys. These paintings are about water and reflections - the way the landscape takes on a mood of it's own, light moving across the water, defining the details of marsh grass and dunes, inviting us into it's intimate and personal world.


Often now, it's the sense of peace I feel in my work, especially in my late daylight paintings like 'Marsh Meditation'.  This may be an expression of where I am in my own life;  a desire for something tranquil and harmonious, yet emotionally satisfying.  A beautiful landscape, where light plays with everything it touches.





Marla Lipkin

Upcoming & Current Exhibitions

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