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Marilee Cooper

My works are visual assemblages that explore and examine the cultural mores of our 'Conspicuous Consumption' society.  My aim is to create beauty and interest, and give new life to the detritus of our industrial society.   I call this series of 14" x 14" multi-media paintings, “Segments.”


Like an urban archeologist, I set out in search for the mangled, dented, rusted, broken bits-n-pieces littering our landscape.  These 'Found Objects,' no longer serving a purpose, I categorize, and arrange as an Art Installation in my studio until further addressed.  On the canvas, I incorporate the pigmented paper towels recycled from my painting process.  The combination and rebirth makes for textural compositions, often whimsical in spirit.  The common thread inherent in these modular works is that they provide a new way of looking at the discarded.


Marilee was inspired by her artistic parents.  In her formative years she studied at The Art Students League, and later earned a BFA with Honors from Pratt Institute in NY.

Marilee Studio:
10-10 44 Avenue
LIC, NY 11101

Contact Information:



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