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Margarita Buttenmueller


My name is Margarita and I'm a New York-based artist. I paint city- and landscapes in oil and acrylics, and occasionally I like to paint portraits. 

I entered the world of art in 2012 when I used to live in Singapore, but back then I didn't take it seriously. Later in London, UK, I took a couple of classes in different schools including The Art Academy, Morley College and Central Saint Martins. 

Since I moved to New York in 2016, I've attended the Art Students League of New York and the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts, and at some point decided to take my art skills to a professional level - I made a career change from marketing and BD to being a full-time artist. Since one of my greatest hobbies is travelling, most of my paintings are devoted to the places I travelled to.














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