Luzia Castaneda


I am a Brazilian Visual Artist and art curator with a scientific mind and an artistic soul alongside a free spirit to put Science & Art together.
I have participated and produced a number of single and collective exhibits in Brazil and the US since 2006.

I believe every creative process is a biographical process. Therefore, my art results from my personal and intellectual trajectory. As a self-taught artist, I have the freedom to create from the original motivation that drives every moment of my life. My artwork is a connection between Science, Art, and Spirituality.

The Rebirth series consists of seven acrylic paintings that represent the process of transition in our lives. That moment we turn our backs on the past whatever no longer belong us. We died for that life, and we rebirth.



Acrylic on canvas / 36 x 48 in / 2018
Embracing the New Life
Acrylic on canvas / 36 x 48 in / 2018
The Death
Watercolor on paper / 2018
The Bardo
Watercolor on paper / 2018
The Surrender
Watercolor on paper / 2018
Enjoying the New Life
Watercolor on paper / 2018
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