Lori Horowitz

My work is a study of personalities and environments reflecting elements of everyday life based on society, political issues and place. I draw from historical use of relief sculpture and bring these methods to current topics. I explore processes of working with photography, wire, papier mache, encaustic wax, torched copper wire and painting. My images digest the posture of individuals while faces reflect their stories. These strangers are subjects in my continuing series of mixed-media life-sized theatrical sculptures. These pieces echo issues of isolation, disassociation and violation, vs. confidence, security, and contentment. This series confronts socio/ psycho issues and brings light to the attention seekers as well as the society’s unseen, creating an intimate view of “PERSONA”. 

Email: Lorihorowitzartist@gmail.com
Website: www.lorihorowitz.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/lori.horowitz.33


Mixed Media -Torched copper mesh, aluminum and Encaustic wax medium (44"H X 36"W X 24"D)
Mixed Media -Torched copper mesh, aluminum and Encaustic wax medium
"Living Doll"
Mixed Media -Torched copper mesh, aluminum and encaustic wax medium, 2019
"No Experience Necessary"
Mixed media- papier mache, torched and sculpted copper mesh ( 48H X 34W X 12D) copper (32H x 28W x 6D) 2017
"Every Head Counts"
Mixed Media Illuminated Relief (30"H X 20"W X 20"D) 2018
"All American"
Mixed Media Papier mache, wood, copper and aluminum relief sculpture (30"H X 28"W X 20"D)
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