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The Lift-Off

A New Play Series from The Navigators, a Science Fiction Theater company with a clear feminist perspective.

The Navigators’ mission is to incubate and produce Science Fiction Theater with a clear feminist perspective. We are dedicated to elevating female driven stories in a genre dominated by men by empowering female-identifying playwrights, producers, directors, designers, and actors in our productions. We seek to engage new audiences, realize new and daring realities, and expand the boundaries of what theater can achieve by fully exploring sci-fi on stage

Friday, January 25, 8pm
Blocks A and B

Saturday, January 26, 8pm
Blocks B and C

Sunday, January 27, 8pm
Blocks C and A

Block A:
Rocks Algae Water Stars by Jonathan O'Neill, directed by Taylor Edelle Stuart

[app]arition by Daniel Perez, directed by Ashley Malafronte

Home by Ellen K. Graham, directed by Liz Livingston

Interventions by Greg Lam, directed by Sharifa Williams

Block B:
Swallowed by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Christina Ashb

Brikelak by Lindsay Carpenter, directed by Michele Travis

The Twilight Solution by Maggie Lee and Darian Lindle, directed by Laura Hirschberg

Learned Executioners by Elford Alley, directed by Rachael Murray

Every Seven Minutes by Ken Preuss, directed by James Cougar Canfield

Block C:
Conditional by Sharon Fogarty, directed by Christopher Noffke

My Trust Must Be by Natalie Zutter, directed by Katherine Sommer

Pregnancy & Mars by Jordan Ramirez Puckett, directed by Emily Lyon

The Meadows by Isaac Allen Miller, directed by Jesse Rosbrow


The Navigators official site:

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