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Neighborhood Portraits and Their Stories

Curated by Norma Homberg


Featuring Works by Orestes Gonzalez, Jonathan Lev, Manolo Salas, Tony Vaccaro and Jesse Winter

An exhibition highlighting local figures in Long Island City, Queens through vibrant, personalized portraits of the individuals comprising this dynamic community. Artists Orestes Gonzalez, Jonathan Lev, Manolo Salas, Tony Vaccaro and Jesse Winter present their incredible visions of the community through their photographs and drawn portraits of local residents and cultural leaders.


A tight-knit community of artists and musicians makes Long Island City their creative center, working and recording in studios located in the bustling Queens community. Sharing this dynamic space with a multitude of other residents in LIC: business owners, athletes, teachers, journalists, and more. Queens is New York’s most diverse borough, and the locals of Long Island City only further cement Queens’ well-earned title.


Viewing the personal relationships depicted between subject and artist, the network of shared space and community is made manifest in these poignant portraits. Through this expression of community solidarity, visitors to L.I.Centric become more aware not only of the bonds linking Long Island City locals; we are all invited to appreciate how we form communities and appreciate our neighbors in our own lives. 

On View: February 7 - March 3

Opening Reception: February 9, 6-10pm

with live music featuring renowned, Long Island City-based musicians:

– 6:30pm, TrioLIC (Stu Gruskin, Alan Feldenkris & Ron Pierrot)


– 9pm, Ken Butler


– 9:30pm, Pat Irwin & J Walter Hawkes

Download L.I.Centric Press Release as PDF

Musician Plaxall.jpg
Musician Plaxall-45.jpg
Musician Plaxall-10.jpg

Ken Butler / Photos by Steven Speliotis


Pat Irwin and J Walter Hawkes / Photo by Steven Speliotis

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