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LIC-A Members Showcase 2019

Curated by Zoran Crnkovic

A LIC-A members-only exhibition about always seeing our lives, neighborhoods, careers, relationships and the art that comes from these parts of our lives as never over, but starting new. Letting go of the past is how we move forward.

Come out to the 12,000 s/f PLaxall Gallery to see LIC-A member artists' work on display as part of the LIC Arts Open Festival. Great art from over 70 artists!

On View: May 15 – June 16, 2019

Art by Matt Cauley

Saturday, May 18, 6:30-11pm at The Plaxall Gallery...

• 2019 LIC-A MEMBERS SHOWCASE, curated by Zoran Crnkovic: Come out to The Plaxall Gallery to see great art from over 70 LIC-A Member artists as part of the LIC ARTS OPEN FESTIVAL

• PLASTIQUE 4 – PASSÉ PRÉSENT, curated by William Garrett: The fourth year of a unique collaboration between local artists and plastics manufacturer, PLAXALL, comes full circle with this retrospective of previous work and new configurations.

DRINKS & SNACKS will be served!


Special MUSIC & DANCE performances start at 7pm...

• 7-8pm: TRACEY HORST, Harp & Vocals

• 8-9pm: IVAN DALIA, Piano 


• 9:30pm: NIKA ANTUANETTE and PARLAY, Dance & Music

• 9:45pm: SIMÓN SAFOS, guitar & vocals

• 10:15pm-11pm: J. WALTER HAWKES & FRIENDS with Bill Malchow, Piano, Jim Whitney, Bass, Willie Martinez, Drums, J. Walter Hawkes, Trombone

– VIEW the Facebook page for this event:

– THANKS to all the great artists participating in the 2019 LIC-A Members Showcase, and in Plastique 4 – Passé Présent...

2019 LIC-A Members Showcase Featured Artists:

Kimberly Abbott
Kayo Albert
Olga Alexander
Tahseen Ali-Khan
Bonnie Astor
Mindy Bassin
Diane Bassin
Patricia Bouley
Nancy Bruno
Matt Cauley
Joshua Chiet
Amanda Christianson
Jason A. Cina
Cari Clare
Ann Cofta
Robert Convery
Marilee Cooper
Eileen Coyne
Carol Crawford
Zoran Crnkovic
Adrian DiMetriou
Karen Dimit
Rosanne Ebner
Kathy Ferguson
Jean Foos
Pauline Fotopoulos
Tina Glavan
Pat Gallo
Jon Garfield
Jake Genen
Peter Goldwater
Orestes Gonzalez
Jean-Marie Guyaux
Steve Palermo
Jack Howard-Potter
Anne-Sophie H. Plume
Alex Henkin
Ken Jones
Kaiser Kamal
Ellen Kantro
Eric Lawrence
Jonathan Lev
Jane Levy
Mary Jo Lombardo
Nancy Macina
Steve Mantinaos
Leda Maria
Dianne Martin
Lisa Maria Maya
Jennifer Merdjan
Gail Meyers
Bruce Minson
Paulo Munera
Nancy Nieves
Fumiko Ohno
Francesca O’Malley
Teresito Paez
Cristian Pietrapiana
Eleanor Rahim 
Bonnie Rothchild
Justin Rozdolski 
Janet Rutkowski
Carmine Santaniello
Elinore Schnurr
Michael Sheng
Helaine Soller
Clare Stokolosa
Sharon Taylor
Yelena Tylkina
Yana Ushakova
Roussina Valkova
Rouska Valkova
Tony Vaccaro
Sandra Vucicevic
Andrew Wheatley
Edjo Wheeler
Karesia Batan / The Physical Plant

Plastique 4 – Passé Présent Featured Artists: 

Annalisa Ladicicco 
Diane Hendry
Jack Howard Potter
Jean-Marie Guyaux
Kenny Greenberg
William Garrett
Lisa DiClerico
John Long

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