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In the Artists Studio

In the Artist's Studio Panel [VR Artist Studio Tours]:

During COVID-19, many artists have been continuing to work and create pieces that reflect our current times and their experiences. Three artists have graciously allowed us to virtually "enter" their studios, and create an exhibition tour dedicated to their creative spaces. These 3 artists are: 

Karen Fitzgerald;
Orestes Gonzalez;
Kaiser Kamal;


All Artists were interviewed by Jo-Ann Wong , General Librarian at Hunters Point Library.


For the best experience, in the upper right hand corner of the tour's screen, click:

  • the gear, and click "Turn Ambient Audio On" to hear interviews with the artists.

  • choose the full-screen option

Navigate between studios, by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the screen

Click the Circle Markers, to explore the artwork from participating artists

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