Lea Baecksteiner

My work is about the inner drama of being human. I seek to give form, shape, color, and life to this human drama through painting.

My current collection is inspired by philosophy, poetry, and storytelling. When I read and dive into the realms of these authors and thinkers, I take it all in and wait for an inspirational spark, something that moves me. This could be a sentence, a word, or a feeling.

In painting, I explore how to combine flats, drawing, pattern, and color, and how to paint allegorically without becoming illustrative. I try to be playful like Paul Klee and other great painters and artists.



Email:  Lea.baecksteiner@gmail.com
Website:  www.leabaecksteiner.com

Oil, Charcoal on Canvas,
51.6 Inches x 88.5 Inches
The Only One
Oil, Ink, Oil Pastel, Pencil on Canvas,
6.4 Inches x 54 Inches
Oil, Charcoal, Ink on Canvas,
72.8 Inches x 46.8 Inches
Swans Who Die Dont Sing
Oil, Charcoal,
35.4 Inches x 54.7 Inches
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