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Laura King

My drawings are slow, silver poems. They laugh, caress, weep, bleed, and regularly fall to their knees in awe and reverence.


I didn't honor my gifts early on, although I walked a creative path. But during the pandemic, my passion for drawing was wide-awakened when I discovered a gargoyle graveyard in a grassy lot near my home. 


Desperate as we all were for companionship, yes, I did befriend them, and I filled a sketchbook with their portraits. For variety, I drew masked subway riders and had an art affair with the saints in Harlem's botanica windows, too.


Then, in July 2022, my heart broke literally, and two major surgeries were needed to save my life. The love and gratitude I feel for the body human, nature, our unified existence, and medical science inspire my current work.


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