Kristen Vetter


No society is without good or evil; it is an injustice to all people and cultures to believe so. From my own observations as a traveler, I have discovered that moral concepts are abstract and individualized, that nothing is simple and perspectives are subjective and unique.
My series of photographs, captured in an area synonymous with conflict, are full of contrasting elements: beauty, devastation, and the mundane.
I document architecture and people within their environments. I then manipulate each image by hand with drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture to emphasize aspects of growth, change, and transition. The images that are created from this process emphasize empathy, and careful looking to offer clues to our common ancestry, common daily practices, and common struggles.







Exploration, Digital photograph on Rives BFK, spray paint, beeswax, oil paint, acrylic paint, shellac, PVA glue, India ink, molding paste, matte medium, turpentine, matte varnish and glossy varnish, 57x43 inches, 2013

The Old City, Digital photograph on Rives BFK, shellac, masking fluid, color pencil, acrylic matte medium, charcoal, beeswax, pencil, sand paper, pencil and wood burner, 60x40 inches, 2014

Topographical, Digital Photograph on Rives BFK framed and altered by spray glue and artificial grass, 12x12 inches, 2013

Dynamical, Digital photograph on Rives BFK, marker, pencil, sandpaper, masking fluid, color pencil, watercolor, 41x 27.5 inches, 2013

Nazareth, Digital photograph on Rives BFK, water color, color pencil, pencil and embossing, 21x14 inches, 2013

Dissolve, Digital photo on Rives BFK, mold growth, 43.5x23 inches, 2014