Kristen L. Martin

I choose to work with a series of interior and exterior environments. Although my paintings remain mostly abstract, there are references to objects that resemble flesh, fences, birds, grids, architectural structures, landmasses, water, meat, body, and plants.  Each object has a different meaning to me and conveys my thoughts at a particular time. 

The physical qualities of paint deeply affect my work.  Paint alone can alter my imagery.  All my imagery is arranged in a way where you would not entirely understand what is going on, and is not made to make complete sense.  Things may be disorientating or confusing, but there is a mystery about everything being thrown together and working together as a whole.  In the end, I strive for unity and balance in these painted environments, but I still want an unsettling quality.   





mixed media on canvas
60 x 72 inches
oil and acrylic on canvas
55 x 57 inches
Structured Chaos
oil,paper, glue, acrylic on canvas
31.5 x 47 inches
oil, paper, acrylic on canvas
21 x 26 inches
oil,paper, glue, acrylic on canvas
37 x 46 inches
oil, fabric, glue, acrylic on canvas
31.75 x 32 inches
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