For 25 years I have been working exclusively in the tondo form. Roundness is fundamental to my visual thinking. The form is nature’s most efficient; it is also able to convey a subtle essence of wholeness, interconnection and metaphysical purpose.
I thin oil paint until it is in a fluid form. Gravity and the physical differences of each pigment – some settle quickly, some settling slowly – create flow patterns. I build up these flow forms in layers, producing a luminous, subtle surface. I use a gilded ground not in a decorative manner, but to indicate something beyond our physical world, something metaphysical. “Karen Fitzgerald’s paintings transform matter into cosmic revelations.” - Michaël Amy











Karen Fitzgerald

boat 2
42 diameter oil with silver and aluminum on panel
20 diameter oil with 12k gold prepared paper 31x26 overall
walking the duskiii
12 diameter oil with moon gold on prepared paper
edge of the east sea
12 diameter oil with 23k gold on panel
shy moon
42 diameter oil with 23k gold on panel
the egg and the rose
42 oil with 23k gold on panel
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